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What would you like to have offered to the men of the parish to help live, understand or share our faith as 'the beloved men of Jesus' at St John the Evangelist? You can also submit your thoughts with the link below Our Patron's picture.

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Core Team:

  • Joe Boniface, SJE Men's Discipleship Coordinator
  • Skip Owens, Core Team Member, Music coordinator
  • George Franzen, Core Team Member
  • Paco Farach, Core Team Member
  • TDB, Event Lead

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We are also available in the 'Men's Discipleship Ministry' group on the St John the Evangelist
My Parish App.

Small Group Leaders:

  • Jim Fiandaca, Men's Small Group Leader (Thursdays 9AM SJE Room 1)
  • Mike Mos, Men's Small Group Leader (Thursdays 9AM SJE Room 6)
  • Hank Poletto, Men's Small Group Leader (Wednesdays 9AM SJE Room 5)
  • Joe Boniface, Men's Small Group Leader (Wednesdays 6:30PM, alt'g. Suntree/Viera homes)
  • Dean Morrison, Men's Small Group Leader (Alternating week evenings, alt'g. Viera homes)
  • Bob Groppe, Men's Small Group Leader (Wednesdays 7:15AM, IRCC)
  • Paco Farach, Men's Small Group Leader, (Wednesdays 6:30PM, alt'g. Viera homes)

Please direct your email to anyone in the men's ministry at: SJE Men's Discipleship


Email:    Joe Boniface
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