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It is our mission to enhance the faith experience of men in our parish though Christ centered fellowship and discipleship formation. We do this by meeting periodically in large and small social settings to consider topics of interest to those seeking to live their faith. Every man is welcome to participate. Our goal is to empower men to become better disciples of Jesus Christ. Click here to download the ministry tri-fold.


Portraying Our Patron, John the Evangelist
"the Beloved of Jesus"
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Feedback is always invited

What would you like to have offered to the men of the parish to help live, understand or share our faith as 'the beloved men of Jesus' at St John the Evangelist? You can also submit your thoughts with the link beside Our Patron's picture.

Announcing SJE Men's Night, Monday 6/17

Our next Men's Night is just around the corner on June 17th 6-8:00PM in Holy Cross Hall with Deacon Mike McElwee speaking.

Our faith is sometimes a fragile thing. We can go from Praise and Elation to wondering where our spiritual energy went and "Where is God when I need him?" Come join us for a reenergizing talk exploring “Where is God when I Suffer?”.
As always, come fellowship with your brothers, enjoy a great meal and recharge to go forward as the disciples Our Lord has called us to be.

Annual Men's Discipleship Calendar

Our calendar for the rest of the 2018/2019 planning year is as follows:
• Jun 17, '19 — SJE Men's Night 6-8PM

-- Tentative 2019/2020 Men's Discipleship Calendar:
• 09/28/19 — Annual Conference 8AM-12:30PM
• 12/02/19 — Men's Night 6PM-8:30PM
• 03/07/20 — Men's Breakfast 8AM-9:30PM
• 06/13/20 — Men's Night 6PM-8:30PM

Small Group Formations
Remember the Benefits provided by participation in Men's Small Groups:
Personal Support
Prayer Life/Scripture
Praise & Glory to God

The newest Men's Small Group is underway and is a bible study group meeting on a rotating schedule of Wednesday/Monday nights. There are still a couple openings for this group. If you are interested contact us via the email link at the bottom of the page or the Information Link by our Patron logo on the left.

For those of you who have or wish to sign up for Small Groups, we are still working on recruiting members, gathering materials and organizing groups and interests. If you have not already communicated your interest, please do so in email or using the Information Link from this page to forward your preference. Groups may take many different forms from bible study to directed theme programs to discussion of Christian literature to sharing on The Daily Word and Sunday Readings to simple prayer with name it. Some ideas for materials can be found on the RESOURCES page (see link header above).

Remember, SMALL GROUPS may be an option and way to provide the spiritual support group we have talked about at our events. Let us know you are interested and we can help get you started.


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